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Business Valuation



Nearly every privately held business will need an independent, professional valuation at some point in time. Jimenez & Associates, Inc. has been working with businesses for the past 20 years providing valuations for an assortment of needs, including:

  • Financial and estate planning
  • Buy/sell agreements
  • Acquisitions and divestitures
  • Executive compensation plans
  • Valuing collateral for financing
  • Personal reasons, including gifts to family and charities


What Problems Can a Business Evaluation Help Avoid?

  • Tax penalties for undervaluation in estate tax settlements
  • Receiving too little for a company
  • Paying too much for a company
  • Shareholder disputes about the buyout price of the company


How Is a Business Evaluation Conducted?


The techniques we use to value your business include:

  • Visiting the company
  • Interviewing top management
  • Reviewing industry and economic trends
  • Interpreting financial statements
  • Studying comparable publicly held companies
  • Analyzing cash flow
  • Determining the ability to pay dividends
  • Identifying hard assets and intangible assets


Consulting Services for Businesses in Transition


In addition to valuation services, Jimenez & Associates, Inc. can help companies going through a management transition with succession planning and retirement planning. Companies experiencing growth can rely on Jimenez & Associates, Inc. professionals for timely advice on financing, business consultation and buy-sell agreements.



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