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St. Jude Children's Research Hospital

Jimenez & Associates, Inc. supports St. Jude Children's Research Hospital


Help St. Jude Children's Research Hospital lead the way the world treats and defeats childhood cancer and other deadly diseases.  We encourage our clients to support St. Jude, help drive their groundbreaking research and exceptional care, and ensure that families never receive a bill for treatment, travel, housing or food because the only thing a family should worry about is helping their child live.


It costs a lot for St. Jude to cure a child with cancer using the latest technologies and care. But because of people like you, the price for patient families is $0.  The daily operating cost for St. Jude is nearly $2 million, which is primarily covered by public contributions.


Many families come to St. Jude thinking it’s like any other hospital. They expect to pay high fees to get their child the best care.


They’re overwhelmed with gratitude when they learn we’ll work to save their child’s life for free using world-class care.


You give parents that incredible feeling of hope, hope that is reflected in these quotes from some of our parents:


"They provide your lodging, your travel expenses, your meals. You have 100 percent of your attention on your child. You don’t worry about anything else.”
Dinah, mother of Kayla, 5 years old, Alabama, medulloblastoma


“St. Jude accepts children from all over the world. We haven’t paid a penny, but we still receive the best treatment anyone could give us."
Quimverly, mother of Ian, 6 years old, Mexico, medulloblastoma


“We never had to worry about paying for Reese’s treatment or paying for a place to stay or for groceries while we were there."
Marilyn, mother of Reese, age 2, anaplastic ependymoma


They make sure your donations go where they are needed the most, so all a family has to focus on is helping their child live.


Give today and provide hope to desperate families looking to give their child a second chance at life.


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