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The Chicago Lion Barbers Society

The Chicago Lion Barbers Society is an informal philanthropic society whose anonymous members call themselves Lion Barbers.  The society began when its founder was asked by a homeless man if he could help pay for a haircut.  The founder agreed and paid for the man to get a haircut.  The homeless man claimed he needed a haircut for a job interview.  The founder later that month visited the Lincoln Park Zoo, Kovler Lion House with his family where by coincidence the homeless man ran up to him to thank him for his act of kindness and told him he had a job thanks to him.  Later that day The Chicago Lion Barbers Society was born.


The goal of The Chicago Lion Barbers Society is for its anonymous members to make a once in a lifetime pilgrimage to the Lincoln Park Zoo, Kovler Lion House and make one simple pledge, “I am a Lion Barber and I pledge to whenever possible help those in need.”  How a member helps others is completely up to them and there is no gesture too small or too big. 


There is no formal membership nor organizational structure to the Chicago Lion Barbers Society.  Anyone willing to make the pilgrimage to the Lincoln Park Zoo, Kovler Lion House who makes the pledge can consider themselves a member of the society and call themselves a Lion Barber. You can also become a Lion Barber if you make the pledge to a Lion Barber who has made the pilgrimage.  The purpose is to convert as many people as possible into charitable conscious people who care about and help people in need without need for recognition or admiration.


The societies mission is to promote philanthropy in all its forms from donating to an individual or charity to volunteering.  The society does not receive nor accepts any donation only promotes giving to those organizations or individuals in need.  The society hopes to create a better world where we care for all human beings in times of need.   


Be a Lion Barber, be generous and give to those in need.


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